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Byron Hamburgers

Byron Hamburgers is a UK-based restaurant chain founded in 2007 by Tom Byng, offering a casual dining service with a focus on fresh, quality ingredients.

The company operates over 60 branches, 40 of which are based in London. The restaurants are inspired by Tom’s favoured eatery in New York City, the Silver Top Diner.

“At Byron, we use Auditus regularly and really value its reporting functionality. We are able to see when restaurants have closed out their actions, as well as historical data. Top non-conformances are also very useful.
Auditus allows us to track the progress of our teams throughout audits and to monitor the completion of actions and recommendations raised in audits. We would not hesitate to recommend Auditus to other businesses.”

Aimee Leitner-Bishop, Technical Manager, Byron Hamburgers

Aimee Leitner-Bishop, Technical Manager, Byron Hamburgers