Turn data into insight

Gain insight into how your team and business are performing. Reports can be broken down by time, location, department, employees and more.
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Auditus comprehensive dashboard gives you instant visibility of your overall performance and allows you to drill down into the detail.
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Gain real-time visibility on how many inspections have been conducted.


Measure inspection performance over time periods.

Identifying issues

Highlights potential problems that need to be fixed using out top ten compliance chart

Actions dashboard

Get instant visibility on action status, whether assigned, in progress, overdue, completed or verified.

Identify improvements

Highlights areas of your business that could be improved, enabling you to identify the necessary changes to improve safety and quality.

Customisable Dashboard

Customise your dashboard to show the information you want to see.

Real-time reporting

Gain real-time insight into the progress of audits and inspections. Automatically generated reports will give you instant visibility of what’s happening in the field, without the need for anyone to write an inspection report.
Auditus reporting detail

Report Scheduling

Automated reports summarising your weekly activity and providing transparency of progress across your team.

Multiple report formats

Reports can be delivered in PDF, Word and CSV formats.

Multiple recipients

Automatically deliver reports to multiple recipients.

Any time access to historical reports

All reports are automatically backed up and securely stored. You can access them at any time.

File reports in third-party systems

Automatically export reports into an external storage system or SQL database.

Extend your data with integrations

Integrate your data into your applications through APIs .