Quickly build intuitive inspection forms

Using our easy to use template builder you can simply drag and drop the fields you require to build mobile-friendly inspection forms.

Add different field types

Tailor the information you collect on your inspections by adding and defining the field types you use within your forms.

Question and answer

Create questions with Yes/No responses or make your own custom responses.

Multiple choice option

Set up predefined response lists & allow single or multiple answers to be selected.

Mandatory fields

Make fields mandatory to make sure inspections are fully completed.

Date and time stamps

Logs date and time information against records.

Photo and image annotation

Take a photo or visual image on an inspection and use editing tools to highlight specific items or areas.

Digital sign off

To ensure accountability add digital signatures to inspection reports.

Dynamic fields

Create a set of standard questions that can be replicated when needed.

Guidance notes

Add additional information such as text, photos and links to inspection forms to assist your auditors/inspectors.

  • Create new checklists

    Quickly build your own bespoke and responsive inspection forms in minutes.

  • Convert your own checklists

    Take your spreadsheets and paper checklists and quickly turn them into mobile-friendly inspection forms.

  • Use pre-built checklists

    Need suggestions? Start with a pre-built checklist from the template library and modify.

  • Perform inspections from anywhere

    Complete inspections from anywhere on any mobile or tablet device.

User friendly forms

Produce user friendly inspection forms by adding different types of formatting

  • Create question categories

  • Organise templates by splitting into sections

  • Add disclaimers and confidentiality statements