Which browsers does Auditus support?

Auditus supports the latest version of all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 and above, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. We prefer and recommend Google Chrome.

Can we create an audit template in the offline app?

No. You can create an audit template only in the online Auditus system. But audits themselves can be carried out through the Auditus mobile app, making it easy to perform checks and inspections on the go.

Can we create multiple groups?

Yes. You can create multiple groups with hierarchies.

Can we create multiple audit templates?

Yes. You can create multiple audit templates in the online Auditus system and allocate specific templates to specific groups.

Can we customise email notifications?

Yes. You can customise email notifications in multiple languages. Each user will receive notifications based on their selected language.

What is the action escalation process?

Admin users can adjust an action category to set a ‘due day’ for the action. If an action hasn’t been completed by this time, the user responsible for the action will receive a notification, with a further notification if the action still hasn’t been completed after a certain number of days.

As well as the automated notifications, the dashboard provides an at-a-glance view at which actions are outstanding.

Can we control different parts of the system?

Yes. Auditus lets you create ‘roles’ that define what users can do and see within the system.

How many languages does Auditus support?

Auditus supports all major European languages, allowing you to customise guidance notes, response text, email notifications and more.